I am interested in the careful application of well-crafted and principled machine learning algorithms for data exploration.

I'm a Principal Data Scientist at Chegg, Inc. working on large scale Natural Language Understanding and Knowledge Engines.  I am also the lead architect of Chegg's Modular AI Ecosystem.  Our goal is to improve the student experience for millions of students across the country.  Previously, I was a research data scientist and applied statistician at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where I led a team doing research on semantic text embeddings for robust knowledge representations.  My other research interests are in formalizing the theoretical underpinnings of unsupervised autoencoders as well as developing novel supervised deep learning architectures.

My PhD. was advised by Professor Lawrence Carin at Duke University in Durham, NC and focused on developing cross-modal spatial-temporal nonparametric Bayesian models.  I was then a visiting research professor at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD where I explored the application of nonparametric Bayesian models for studying the propagation of coherent light sources in turbulence.

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